Muthaiga Golf Club

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As the Integrated Marketing and communications agency, our role was to curate and disseminate daily content across various social media platforms associated with the Muthaiga Golf Club, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Additionally, our team was tasked with promoting favourable media coverage of the event through the Daily Nation and other publications. Additionally, we aimed to secure positive media coverage in various print publications. To achieve these goals, we implemented the following actions: Inviting Journalists: We invited journalists from various media groups to cover the annual event at Muthaiga Golf Club. This ensured extensive media coverage and publicity for the tournament. Daily Golf Updates: We disseminated daily golf updates to both online and traditional media platforms. These updates included scores, highlights, and notable performances, showcasing the excitement and competitiveness of the tournament. Social Media Content Creation: TMG captured captivating images throughout the tournament, which were then posted and published on Muthaiga Golf Club's social media pages. These visuals helped engage the audience and created a sense of anticipation and participation among followers. Sports News Content: The team capitalized on the opportunity to capture sports news content that referenced the sponsors, club members, and the host club. This ensured that the tournament received additional exposure and recognition.

Muthaiga Golf Club

Muthaiga Golf Club, in collaboration with its sponsors including SAMSUNG, ABSA, CENTUM, CROWN PAINTS, RED GINGER, EABL, KENHA, MONSTER, and FARMERS CHOICE, hosted the Magical Kenya Open Golf Tournament from 9th to 12th March 2023. The prestigious event attracted over 150 golfers, competing for a purse of $2 million, with the winner earning $340,000 and the runner-up receiving $220,000.
The efforts of the team in executing the social media and PR campaign for the Muthaiga Golf Club during the Magical Kenya Open Golf Tournament yielded significant results. Here are some notab


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