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Transcend Media Group has been the trusted partner of Cheil Kenya, serving as their Samsung PR and Media Relations agency for four years. Over this partnership, the team has consistently delivered effective PR campaigns for various brands, contributing to the substantial increase in PRV over time. The top-performing month for the CE division during the period from June 2022 to June 2023 was November 2022, where the total PRV reached Kes. 72,089,235. This significant achievement was a result of a well-executed awareness campaign for the TV division, highlighting its status as the best global TV brand for the 16th consecutive year. The success was primarily driven by the efforts of the CE division's influencer, Ivy Mugo, who conducted impactful interviews. Additionally, the strategic sponsorships in golf events during the same month contributed to the heightened PRV. For the MX division, the highest PRV month was February 2023, reaching a total of Kes. 248,862,455. This exceptional performance was linked to the virtual event called "Unpacked 2023," during which the Galaxy S23 series was unveiled. The PRV surge during this month was a direct result of well-planned paid-for TV placements, Radio mentions, and on-ground interview opportunities generated during the event. Transcend Media Group employed several effective strategies and tactics to drive remarkable PRV growth during the financial year. These included: Strategic Campaigns: The team focused on creating engaging and strategic campaigns tailored to each division's target audience, ensuring maximum impact and resonance with consumers. Influencer Partnerships: Collaborating with prominent influencers like Ivy Mugo allowed the brand's messages to reach a wider audience, leading to increased brand awareness and higher PRV. Event Management: The successful execution of virtual events like "Unpacked 2023" showcased the brand's products to a global audience, garnering media coverage and PR value. Media Placements: Strategic placements on TV and radio, combined with interviews and on-ground opportunities, effectively spread the brand's messages, resulting in increased PRV. The partnership between Cheil Kenya and Transcend Media Group has yielded remarkable results in PR and Media Relations for the CE and MX divisions. Through innovative strategies, influencer collaborations, and successful event management, the team achieved a notable 53% increase in PRV during the financial year from August 2022 to June 2023.




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